Turkey's Delight (Puterichs Delight) Turkey

Turkey's Delight (Puterichs Delight) 200g (6 Piece)
Turkey's Delight (Puterichs Delight) 200g (6 Piece)
Turkey's Delight (Puterichs Delight) 200g (6 Piece)
Turkey's Delight (Puterichs Delight) 200g (6 Piece)
Turkey's Delight (Puterichs Delight) 200g (6 Piece)
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Size Price/Base weight Selling price
200g, 6 Piece € 15.70/kg 18.84 €
400g, 6 Piece € 10.25/kg 24.60 €
810g, 6 Piece € 6.54/kg 31.80 €
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A lighter cat food for sensitive stomachs which is especially well-suited for a change in diet or periods of illness. The turkey pieces are light and easy to digest.


Completely balanced cat food. Ready to serve, best served at room temperature.

Special features of Anifit meals

  • wholesome meat products containing 90-99% meat
  • contains only meat which has been approved for human consumption
  • contains only natural raw ingredients
  • delicately prepared using a cold filling process
  • home delivery service
  • free from sugar and other flavour enhancing substances
  • free from soya and corn
  • free from preservatives and colourings
  • free from attractants and fillers
  • free from animal meal
  • free from plant and cereal flours
  • free from added fat
  • no animal testing


List of foodstuff

Chicken muscle meat 65 %
Turkey muscle meat
14 %
Beef lung
14 %
Chicken liver
6 %
Total meat
99 %
Share < 1 %:chicory (inulin)
tomato powder, salt
1 %
Summe 100 %

Muscle meat includes skeletal muscles as well as heart and stomach muscles.


Meat and animal-by-products, vegetables, minerals

Analytical components

11 % crude protein, 9 % crude oils, 0.3 % crude fibres, 3 % crude ash, 78 % moisture, 0.1 % NfE (~carbohydrates), 0.41 % calcium, 0.36 % phosphor, 0.4 % sodium, 2 mg/kg copper, 25 mg/kg zinc, 4 mg/kg manganese

Nutritional supplements

Taurine: 600 mg/kg
Vitamin D3: 100 IE/kg

Feeding recommendation

Feeding recommendation: (Daily requirement)

Based on the normal body weight of the fully grown cat.

Cat with 2-3.5 kg: around 100-200 g
Cat with 3.5-7 kg: around 200-500 g
Cat with 7-14 kg: around 500-800 g


All-in-one feed for dogs (all life stages: puppies, adult and senior cats)

Available in 200g, 400g, 810g sizes

Made in Sweden

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